Order Custom Photo Checks

Ordering custom photo checks make the perfect gift for yourself or your family and friends. The best part about photo designing your personal checks is that you can really customize them so they reflect who you are. Personally, I have several sets of custom photo checks of things I like or enjoy so that depending on my mood I’ll use a different design. Come to think of it, I change up the color of my lipstick based on how I am feeling. I wonder if I am predictable as I seem? 😛

I’m guess you’re curious on how you can go about ordering custom photo checks. It’s actually quite simple:
– Step 1: Figure out what photo or picture you want to use and save it on your computer.

– Step 2: Start customizing your photo check. Click this link: Custom Photo Checks
This link will automatically activate the best available coupon so you save money! The link should take you to the “Custom Photo Personal Check” page.

– Step 3 – Upload your photo and customize it!
From the “Custom Photo Personal Check” page, select the quantity of checks you want to order and then “Add to Cart”. After that, upload your image you have saved and complete your order!