Tinkerbell and Friends Photo Checks

Don’t you just want to order photo checks of Tinkerbell and her friends?

I can never get enough of Tinker Bell and ordering Tinkerbell checks is almost as cool as getting a tattoo of Tink on my leg. It’s on my bucket list, but I just don’t have enough courage to get a tattoo. For now I’ll have to just keep watching the Tinkerbell movies and buy some cute outfits that remind me of her.

So, what’s cuter than Tinkerbell? It’s Tinkerbell with her fairy friends. Check out our latest ideas for custom Tinkerbell personal checks with photos of Tink along with other Disney fairies… Silvermist is the glass half full water fairy, Rosetta is the sweet garden fairy, Fawn is the animal fairy, and Iridessa is the light fairy perfectionist. Which fairy do you resemble the most? Besides Tinkerbell 😛

Customized checks are the cutest thing to get so order your photo Tinkerbell and Friends checks today!

So How Can I Order Tinkerbell Checks?

Step 1 – First you will want to download a picture you want to have on your check. Keep the photo accessible on your computer.

Step 2 – Next is finding a reputable online business that sells photo checks. I highly recommend Artistic Checks. The following link will take you directly to the page you want to go. Click this link: Custom Photo Checks

I recommend Carousel Checks because it is one of the largest and reputable online business. I love the fact that the quality of the checks are excellent and the price is the best I’ve found. After clicking above link, remember to use the following coupon codes for more discounts: APCC20PERCENT (Get 20% off when you order 2 boxes or more).

Step 3 – Upload Photo and Customize
Now that you are on the “Custom Photo Check” page, choose whether you want check singles or duplicates, select the quantity of checks you want to order, and then “Add to Cart”. From there upload your image you have saved and proceed to checkout. On the checkout screen, insert the coupon code and complete your order!

Picture Ideas For Tinkerbell and Friends Photo Checks:
Tinkerbell and Friends Checks
(right-click on image to "Save Picture")
Tinker Bell and Friends Checks
(right-click on image to "Save Picture")

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